Extra Place Matched Betting

Profit From Extra Place Matched Betting

If you are considering using extra place matched betting to increase your profits, there are a few things that you should know.

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First of all, you must choose the right bookmaker. Secondly, you must select close matches.

Lastly, you must learn how to use the Extra Place Matcher. By following these tips, you will be able to profit from extra place matched betting.


So, follow them to maximize your winnings.

Profiting from extra place offers

You can profit from the extra place matched betting offer by following a few simple rules. It is not difficult to do, but you need to be aware that it is often more difficult than other forms of matched betting.

Beginners should start small and increase the stakes as their confidence builds. Remember that this form of matched betting is very volatile and it is possible to lose money on a small losing streak.

Understanding the psychology and maths of the game will help you become a successful extra place matched betting trader.

The best time to take advantage of extra place offers is 10 minutes before the race, because that is when you’ll find the best odds.

To get a good idea of which extra place races to bet on, join a profit accumulator, which lists the extra places and the terms and conditions of each way bets. Once you have a good list of races, you can start betting on them.

Choosing the right bookmaker

To profit from extra place offers, you must choose the right bookmaker. You will find this information under the ‘My Bets’ tab in the bookmaker’s website.

Then, you must place your bet using a calculator to determine how much you will win and lose by each selection.

The extra place offer will appear on the results page only after you have made your selection. This option will be available for most horse races.

An extra place bet involves placing a second lay bet on the exchange. You will place a bet on a horse that won’t finish in the top four.

When the horse finishes in the top four, the lay bet wins. The first place bet is placed with the bookmaker, and the second lay bet is placed with the exchange. Depending on your choice, you can even make multiple extra place bets.

Finding close matches

In the back & lay strategy, finding close matches is the key to reducing losses and increasing profits if a horse fails to reach the extra place position.

The advantage of using this strategy is that you can go many races without hitting an extra place, and qualifying losses are costly. Fortunately, oddsmatching software makes this task a lot easier. Profit Accumulator users can also use odds comparison sites to find close matches.

The main stumbling block in using this strategy is finding the right offers. There are times when bookmakers will offer you extra places in certain events, such as in horse races.

A good matched betting site will display these offers so you can save time. Some of these sites offer a Horse Racing Matcher and Odds Matcher to help you find matches with extra places. You can also use a combination of these tools to find the best matches.

Using the Extra Place Matcher

If you are new to the world of matched betting, you might be interested in learning more about the extra place markets.

This strategy involves making bets on horse races in which the favourite will win the race and the runner-up will come second. There are a number of different ways to make extra place bets, and there are even video guides available. We’ll take a look at a few examples.

To make the most of extra place matched betting, it’s necessary to use a tool that will take care of the tedious work for you.

Although the software can make matched betting easier, it can be difficult to follow instructions without the right information. A good way to learn about this method is by using an online tool. Profit Accumulator is a great option as it can help you understand each bet.

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