Football Trading Strategies

If you’re looking to increase your odds of making money trading in football, you’ve probably heard about Football Trading Strategies.

These methods involve trading in a market after a match has been suspended for any number of reasons, such as a suspension for a team’s first half.

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Listed below are some ways to use these methods. You can start with in-play statistics, such as the number of goals scored and time decay.

Pre-match stats

One of the most important pre-match stats to pay attention to is the goal market. This market is remarkably predictable, and you can accurately predict when to enter the market.

With the right knowledge, you can make excellent profits on your football trading. Learn how to read the goal market before every game and use it to your advantage. You can also learn how to analyze it during a live match.

Another important factor to look at when deciding on your betting strategy is the average goal time. For example, if the average goal time is 35 minutes before kickoff, you can either trade Liverpool early or scalp under 2.5 goals.

The xG shot map can also give you valuable information on a team’s tendency to score late. If the goal time is late, you can lay the team with a PS100 stake and lock in a profit of PS14.

In-play stats

In-play stats in football trading strategies can be a powerful tool for traders. For instance, in-play stats reveal who is more likely to score the first goal in a match.

This information can be useful in building a live trading strategy, or determining if the odds on a team are worth betting on. However, the information you gather during the game should not be relied upon to predict which team will win. It is crucial to know what happens after the first goal is scored.

In-play markets move a lot and are often called noise. These movements are driven by betting exchange money, supply and demand, or certain in-game events.

Therefore, a football trading strategy must target these characteristics. Regardless of how well a strategy targets these characteristics, it is unlikely that it will accurately predict all price movements.

The best strategies will target different characteristics, so the most important ones will vary from one another.

Goals scored

One of the most important factors in developing a football trading strategy is a solid understanding of how teams perform in various environments.

There are many different ways to analyze a team’s performance, including recent head-to-head matches, scores, expected goals, and key players missing. You can also study the average time a goal is scored. This information can help you formulate a strategy that is both profitable and safe.

One of the best football trading strategies is one based on Goals scored. This betting strategy focuses on teams that score a lot of goals and rarely go 0-0.

This strategy is best used during the first half of a football game, which is when both teams are likely to score. This betting strategy also works well with bookmakers, as many of them restrict tipsting services.

The men of Goal Profits started as a tipping service and later developed a profitable platform. The goal of the company is to help traders make money as a full-time profession, and they use Betting Exchanges to do so.

Time decay

In order to use time decay in your football trading strategies, you have to focus on games with low scorelines. Football is the perfect example. Other low-scoring sports include rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey.

While the price moves relatively slowly at the start of a game, the longer the game goes, the higher your profit will be. Here are some other examples of football trading strategies that use time decay.

To trade in the markets, it’s important to have a feel for the game. If you sense that one team is on the ascendant, you’ll have the edge over the rest of the market.

Knowing the motivations of teams can also help. One way to scale time decay is to place bets on the team’s goal scorer.

This method is great for small profits, which can add up to a decent amount.

Hedge positions after 20 mins

Many traders will take on over 2.5 goals markets early in the game. Then they will hedge at 20 minutes to take a profit if the game doesn’t end in a goal.

However, this strategy can create many small wins and losses because another goal might be scored before the trade is exited. Instead of hedging for a profit after 20 minutes, traders should wait until the end of the game to exit their strategy.

This strategy works best in markets where heavy favourites are present. This is because these markets will often have more recreational money, who do not assess the value of the odds and will simply exit the market.

The only problem with this strategy is that it is vulnerable to being beaten by a goal, which can turn out to be a devastating blow. A football trading strategy that makes sense in a game like this can yield a higher profit than scalping if the favourites can score a goal.

Taking a patient approach

As a football trader, you should take a patient approach when deciding which players to trade.

While trading takes longer than betting, it will give you more control over your money.

Moreover, you can afford to miss out on some potential trading opportunities, such as a goal that may be scored by the team that you are backing. You can adjust your position in-play based on goals, cards, substitutions, and time decay.

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