Bet Accumulator Calculator

bet accumulator old computing device
Bet Accumulator Old Computing Device

This is another type of betting method called the bet accumulator which uses the bet accumulator calculator.

The Bet Accumulator Calculator

It is basically just making multiple bets all at once, so you can have the following terminology on bet slips:

  • Doubles
  • Trebles
  • 4 – Fold Accumulator
  • 5 – Fold Accumulator
  • 6 – Fold Accumulator
  • 7 – Fold Accumulator
  • 8 – Fold Accumulator

You don’t even have to stop there, as you can add as many individual bets onto your bet slip to make one big accumulator bet.


Here is the big thing though, all of the bets you have picked for your accumulator must ALL win before you get paid out. If even one bet fails, you lose the whole bet.

That is definitely a big disadvantage, but the big plus is that when they do win, they are very profitable, as all of the odds accumulate to give a higher conversion.

Some companies like BWIN will let you do accumulators with them and if only one leg of it fails, they will reimburse you your stake, up to a certain value.

Matched Bet Accumulator

You can use the matched betting method to help with your accumulators.

You can lay each bet once at a time to make sure you are covered. This works okay, but there will be a lot more time spent on adding each lay at the right time.

There is matched betting accumulator software available to take the hard work of doing these and it would be recommended to use it.

You will need to master the single matched betting before you would progress onto using accumulators. There are working examples on the Oddsmonkey website.

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