Matched Betting Calculator

matched betting calculator

Finding and using the best Matched Betting Calculator is essential to making sure you are getting the most value out of matched betting.

There are a number of free and paid matched betting calculators on the internet and a simple search will show these.

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The Best Matched Betting Calculator?

In my opinion it has to be the Oddsmonkey calculator and it is free to use as well.


Why not have a look at it now to see it’s functions. The paid version has additional calculators available.

How to Use a Matched Betting Calculator

The basic underlying calculations of a matched betting calculator remain the same for most matched betting services.

The most important thing is to choose a calculator you find easy to use. The Matched Betting Blog calculator is easy to use and updates without you having to click calculate every time.

If you’re a beginner in matched betting, then a free matched betting calculator will probably do just fine.

However, if you want to maximize your profits, it’s worth paying for a membership to a matched betting service.

Free matched betting calculators are sufficient to make a profit from matched betting

A reputable mate-betting calculator will help you to calculate your optimal lay stakes and profits from free bet offers.

A mate-betting calculator is a useful tool in the matched betting industry, because it makes the process of matching bets much faster and easier than by hand.

It automatically calculates the odds for back and lay bets, bookmaker commission, and various other parameters.

To start profiting from matched betting, you should open several accounts with different bookmakers, have an initial capital, and have time on your hands on weekends.

Fortunately, this type of betting is also tax-free. You can earn thousands per year from matched betting, even if you’re just doing it on the side or in your spare time.

You can also use matched betting calculators to manage your money and minimize risk.

Oddsmonkey membership is better for matched betting

There are some obvious benefits to becoming a member of Oddsmonkey.

First, you get more access to their tools and promotions. If you’re a newbie to matched betting, it’s probably a good idea to check out the Oddsmonkey Matched Betting Calculator.

It features a handy odds converter, a basic calculator, and options for Dutch 2 and Dutch 3 way bets. The calculator also provides options for part matched bets, under / over bets, and part matched bets.

Another benefit of joining Oddsmonkey is the access to its member forums. There are tons of tips and tricks, but the more you know about matched betting, the more likely you’ll win!

The main thing to remember is that matched betting requires you to place bets on different bookmakers and try to take advantage of their promotions.

You’ll be able to make a profit by laying the right amount on both accounts to increase your odds of winning. Make sure you read the T&Cs to get the best deal.

Using a matched betting calculator to work out the ideal lay stakes

Using a matched betting calculator can be an extremely useful tool when placing a matched bet. You can use this tool to work out the ideal lay stakes for your bets, as well as other betting-related calculations.

With a calculator, you no longer have to worry about writing out complicated calculations and dealing with the hassle of writing them down. With a calculator, the process of working out the ideal lay stake is as simple as entering the figures required.

When using a matched betting calculator, it is important to remember to keep it open after placing the bet, as the lay odds may change after you’ve backed the bet.

Using the calculator to calculate the ideal lay stakes is crucial, as it will prevent you from making mistakes. Using a calculator also means that you won’t have to keep re-entering the stakes to avoid losing bets or winning them on the same selection.

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