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Matched Betting Explained

If you’ve never placed a bet before, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use a match-betting strategy with virtually no experience.

The strategy doesn’t require knowledge of the game, teams, or even a general interest in the topic. You can even make bets without ever placing a single bet.

Regardless of your level of experience, you can learn to use a matched betting calculator to help you make money.

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Matched betting features

Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator are two of the most popular matched betting services available today.

Each company’s price matching software and latest offers are just some of the features of this service offers. With their proven formula, they can show you how to maximize your profits. Whether you’re new to Matched Betting or already a professional matched better, you’ll soon be making money.

You can see the total amount you’ve won and lost, your balance sheet, and your withdrawals.

The platform also offers a training center, which includes guides and calculators that make it easy to understand the software and apply it to your betting strategy.


It has more than one calculator that will let you know how much to bet and how much to stake for each bet.

Back and lay betting

Back, and lay betting involves backing a horse at say 10/1 before the start of a race, then laying the horse at lower odds during the race.

While back and lay betting is not suitable for beginners, it can be lucrative over time. While back and lay betting does require more knowledge about sports, betting exchanges, and in-play betting, this strategy can produce profitable results.

Here are some tips for back and lay betting. If you want to maximize your returns and minimize losses, try back and lay betting.

The most common betting format is back betting. You have probably placed a back bet before without realising it.

Back bets involve betting that the horse you’ve chosen will win. Lay bets, on the other hand, are a little bit more complex. In lay betting, you are betting that the selection will lose, and vice versa.

In both cases, bookmakers will set odds based on the likelihood of the outcome.

Reload offers

Reload offers are the lifeblood of matched betting. You can find multiple reload offers each day from most bookmakers.

Taking advantage of these offers will ensure a profit for as long as the offer is active. Reload offers come in many forms with different terms and conditions. It is essential to understand these before taking advantage of them. Listed below are some of the most common forms of reload offers.

The sign up bonus is the first step towards earning money in matched betting. Reload offers can bring you hundreds, even thousands a month.

Normally, you can only claim a sign-up bonus once. During major events, like a World Cup or an Olympic Games, reload offers increase significantly. So, if you want to make money in Matched Betting, reload offers are the best way to go.

Using a matched betting calculator

A matched betting calculator is a great tool for calculating the odds of your bets.

Matched betting requires a great deal of patience and a decent bankroll. The more money you have to invest, the faster you’ll profit from matched betting.

Using a calculator can make this process a lot easier, and the odds are updated without you having to click calculate each time. Here are some tips to help you get started.

First, you’ll need an account with a betting exchange website. You’ll need to enter your back stake, lay stake, and odds, and the exchange commission.

Once you have entered this information, the calculator will give you the amount to lay in order to maximize your profits. The calculator will also calculate your profit potential for each qualifying bet. In addition to helping you find the right odds, a matched betting calculator will also give you a clear view of how much to lay your bets at each betting exchange.

Bookmaker terms

There are many terms you should understand before you place your first bet on a bookmaker’s website. These terms include bookmakers, betting exchanges, and casinos.

Stake, also known as bet, is the amount you place on a bet. This amount is risked by you as the customer, when you place your bet on the outcome of a particular event. If you are not successful in your prediction, the bookmaker keeps your stake.

The odds are based on the probabilities of each outcome. If you bet on two or more events, the odds will vary. These odds reflect the likelihood of each outcome, and the amount you stake will depend on whether one of those events is more likely than the other.

Accumulators are popular with football punters, and matched bettors can take advantage of this. If your lay bet does not win, you’ll break even.

Matched Betting Guide

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