Matched Betting Extra Places

matched betting extra places

Matched betting is an effective strategy that allows individuals to profit without risking their own funds.

Most often used with horse racing, this technique may also be applied to golf and other sports events.

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Extra places offers are promotions where bookmakers provide an additional place in a race, which can be leveraged to make money if a horse finishes in that extra spot, winning both back and lay bets.

Finding the right offers

Matched betting is an efficient and safe way to make free bets without risking your own funds. While it requires research and planning, the results can be extremely satisfying; depending on your bankroll and goals, this process could take anywhere between hours and months to complete.

However, to maximise profits from extra places it is vital that you find suitable offers that allow you to take full advantage of them and minimise losses as much as possible.

OddsMonkey’s Extra Place Catcher tool provides the easiest and quickest solution. This tool scans odds for every horse race, highlighting any profitable opportunities. Available to all premium members and free to try, its use will increase profit potential as you uncover more lucrative races; plus it saves time since it enables faster searches for matched betting offers!

Making the bets

Dutching is one way of profiting from extra place offers. This strategy involves placing back bets with bookmakers and lay bets on exchanges – it has quickly become one of the preferred EP strategies among many matched bettors.

An alternative method is using an extra place matcher, which scans races for potential matches that offer small qualifying losses but can produce large extra-place profits if your chosen horse ends in extra place. Such tools are available both free and paid sites and can help make the most out of extra place offers.

This advanced matched betting strategy only proves profitable on certain races each day; but it can be an excellent way to make some extra cash while waiting for your favourite horses to compete in races. Be patient as new offers will continue coming through!

Finding the right software

Matched betting extra places is an effective strategy to turn new customer offers into profit once completed. This method involves placing two bets: one on a horse to win and the other on its placement – using your existing exchange balance to generate profits even if he or she doesn’t win!

To successfully do this, find races with horses priced close together; OddsMonkey’s Extra Place Catcher helps with this by scanning all races to identify profitable matches quickly.

Oddsmonkey offers an extremely cost-effective membership that I cannot recommend highly enough and their software makes the perfect partner in maximising profits quickly and efficiently. It quickly scans odds to spot profitable opportunities instantly and make a quick impactful difference to your profits – potentially yielding huge returns even with one horse covered if positive EV is obtained with zero qualifying losses!

Making the profit

Matched betting extra places is an incredible way to profit from horse races. Offered by bookmakers, this form of bet offers the possibility of large returns by rewarding an extra place finisher with an extra payout compared to gambling on its outcome alone. This strategy often results in significant payouts.

Arbing with exchange odds is safe and won’t result in quick restrictions to your bookmaker accounts. Simply use the extra place offer at your bookmaker to cover both sides of your bet, guaranteeing a profit!

OddsMonkey provides an efficient method for this, called Extra Place Matcher, that quickly scans odds to identify profitable extra place offers and saves both time and effort in the matched betting process. It comes included as part of their most economical membership package and should be considered an essential element in overall matched betting efforts.

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