Matched Betting Price Boosts

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Matched betting price boosts are another way you can make guaranteed money from bookmakers online.

If you take the principles of matched betting with your BACK bet and your LAY bet and then combine that with a price boost on the BACK bet, then you can guarantee a profit whether the bet wins or loses. Have I gone too quickly?

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If you need a refresher on how to BACK and LAY bets, then have a read at this Matched Betting page for more explanation.

How Do Price Boosts Work?

There are a number of bookmakers that have daily odds boosts or even weekly and perhaps special price boosts sent to you by email once you sign up for their services. To name a few, there is Skybet, Ladbrooks and Betfair, along with others.


So, let’s take Betfair as an example. They currently have a great offer of 3 price boosts on horse racing per day, every day, which is pretty good!

matched betting price boosts by betfair

Let’s make up a horse race called the 3pm Make Money Online Betting Derby and we pick out a horse called Sweet Booster (I thought that was quite amusing?).

The price to BACK the horse at Betfair is currently 5.00 and we use the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher tool to see how closely we can match a LAY bet on and with which Exchange.

We run the matcher and up comes Smarkets with a LAY bet of 5.10. Okay, so if we placed a £25 BACK bet on Betfair at 5.00 and a LAY bet of £24.51 (we get this amount from the calculator) on Smarkets, we would actually lose 49p. There’s not much point in doing that I hear you say? True.

However, when we use one of the price boosts from Smarkets, it boosts the odds from 5.00 to 5.50. Nice. So, let’s re-do the calculations again.

We are now placing a £25 BACK bet on Betfair at 5.50 and the LAY bet amount at 5.00 now becomes £26.96 shown on the calculator. What does this mean now? It means whether the horse wins or loses, we make £1.96 profit! I know it is not a fortune, but it is guaranteed and if you were able to do 10 of these boosts each day, that would result in about £600 per month.

How Do I Find Boosts?

Yes, I guessed this trick would get your attention and you would want to explore it.

Team Profit price boosts have a page on Facebook which lists out the price boosts each day and this is increased by others that follow the page inputting price boosts that they know about as well. It is a very valuable source if you want to try out price boost betting using matched betting.

Oddsmonkey price boosts can also be viewed daily on their website as well, once you become a member.

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