Best Matched Betting Sites

There are a number of good Matched Betting Sites on the internet and these have been increasing in number recently.

I have highlighted two of the best ones in my opinion and we can have a quick look at each website below to give you some information before jumping in.

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There are other companies out there, but just be careful as you are handing over your hard earned cash to someone you don’t know, whereas the companies below are reputable.

Oddsmonkey Matched Betting Site

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I started off with Oddsmonkey and I am still using it today. You can sign up for the free version without obligation and it is well worth doing this.

You will get free access to their Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher software, which is a very clever tool when matched betting.

Once you get used to their setup and read the free tutorials and watch the free videos, you can then sign up for the full version, once you feel confident enough. The full premium version of Odds Monkey is £24.99 per month which will give you full access to all of their tools and tutorials. You can get back the monthly fee in just one day if you use their system!

This is definitely the place to start (affiliate link), learn and make some money too.

Profit Accumulator

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Tight on the heels of Oddsmonkey is Profit Accumulator.

They have become popular too, but I would recon that Oddsmonkey are just in front.

They have similar setups and you can try both to see which one you are most comfortable with.

Profit Accumulator also have a free trial period (affiliate link) for you to test them out.

Try Both Matched Betting Sites

With Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator both having free trial periods, it would be worth having a look at both websites and glean as much knowledge as possible during the free period.

Then just decide which one you are most happy to run with and start making profit!

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