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Rebel Betting Review

Rebel Betting Review – is a software service designed to assist in recognising arbitrage opportunities. If you dedicate enough time and discipline, Rebel betting could help you generate consistent income each month.

Utilising the service is easy, you just select an opportunity, make adjustments as necessary and click Bet & Log to record it with the bookmaker. Plus, there’s even a free trial period!

It offers a variety of arbitrage opportunities

Rebel betting offers numerous arbitrage opportunities to help make money through sports betting. Their powerful algorithm quickly finds sure bets and can help you generate consistent profits every month. Although not suitable for everyone, rebel betting allows beginners to generate 10-20% profits with just dedication and focus.

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Software provided by Arbs Software is free to use, enabling you to test its system by logging real bets without actually placing them. Arbs has a 14-day free trial for both its value and arbs services allowing you to evaluate if this solution fits into your betting routine. It also features an uncluttered user interface which makes navigation simple while mobile version options give users further choice of what fits.

Sports arbitrage betting can provide a lucrative source of extra income if you have ample free time and dedication. Utilising software to identify bets will enable you to take advantage of overpriced odds offered by bookmakers. However, due to its inherent riskiness it should only be implemented with small portions of your bankroll.

Rebel betting offers various features to make finding arbs simpler, such as displaying odds for each market on its website and how much profit can be expected to be earned; notifying users when odds may change; providing lists of trusted betting sites where bets should be placed; etc.

Bet Tracker, another handy feature, shows your daily profit figures to motivate and inspire. However, it would be nice if they offered automatic log in capabilities for some sites as this can save a great deal of time.


The support team is always ready and available to answer your queries professionally and helpfully. They’ll walk you through every step of setting up your account and helping resolve any problems if any arise; contact them through either the helpdesk on our website or by emailing.

It is easy to use

Rebel betting is an easy-to-use software tool designed for sports investment. The software identifies arbitrage opportunities and recommends bets worth placing, automatically logging them so as not to miss any opportunities; suitable for both sure and value betting and promises an ROI of up to 30% per month.

Software requires Windows-based computers to run; Mac users who wish to access it must download virtual PC software first. It will also run on a Chromebook.The platform works by analysing odds from various bookmakers in order to identify value bets before they vanish from view; using various filters it displays bets directly onto your screen so you can instantly identify the most attractive bets as well as showing odds and profit potential of each wager.

Once you discover an arbitrage opportunity, click it to access its details and reveal its bet details – such as profit potential and bookies involved – in a separate window. From here you can either place or adjust the stake, log and track bets while tracking profitability as well as filter your account data for performance monitoring purposes.

Rebel Betting’s One Click Bet Tracker is one of the most useful features, enabling you to automatically log all your sure bets, saving both time and effort while making sure no opportunities slip by unnoticed. Furthermore, it monitors ROI with detailed reports available at any given moment and even allows punters who cannot manage monitoring markets to set alerts on specific events or markets for immediate alerting purposes.

Rebel Betting stands out by providing arbitrage bets across numerous bookmakers. This service covers both popular betting exchanges like Betfair and Matchbook as well as more obscure betting websites, enabling it to provide a diverse range of arbs such as cross-market arbitrages and middles.

User interface is user-friendly and makes getting started a snap, even for beginners. Free to try for 14 days without credit card information required – making this the ideal opportunity to test value betting and arbitrage strategies prior to investing any real money in them.

It offers a free trial period

RebelBetting is a pre-match arbitrage betting service which gives its users the chance to profit from sure bets and value betting by identifying odds that favour them. Unfortunately, this system relies heavily on bookmakers so can miss some opportunities; nevertheless, RebelBetting serves as an ideal starting point for sports arbitrage betting novices.

Rebelbetting offers a two week free trial period that provides ample time for new users to test out its services and develop a sense of their operations. Please be aware, however, that due to limited bet eligibility and expected value during this trial period it may be hard to gain an accurate view of profitability of this service.

Rebelbetting offers more than just free trials; they also provide an unrivalled one-month money back guarantee – an incredibly undervalued feature considering other betting systems cost money. Their money back guarantee applies both value betting and arbitrage services and is not restricted to one single month!

Value betting and sure betting services have proven themselves profitable, though each has their own distinct set of drawbacks. Sure betting involves less risk than traditional matched betting while providing less profit than value betting; however, when combined together they can yield greater returns than either alone.

RebelBetting stands out from other arbitrage betting systems by being responsive, working well across desktop computers as well as mobile devices. You can access multiple bookies at the same time while their odds update every few seconds; additionally, custom filters allow you to focus solely on specific events or bookmakers if time is of the essence for each event.

RebelBetting features an informative blog and forum section, regularly updated with news about sure betting and value betting. In addition, RebelBetting’s website features helpful FAQs as well as an e-book that will guide users through this system.

It offers a customer support

Rebel Betting provides new users with a 14-day free trial to give value betting or arbitrage a try without risking too much money. Although trial users do have access to limited bets during their free period, which may limit profitability, it is still worthwhile testing the service to see whether it meets your needs.

Customer support at this company is provided through an online helpdesk and email, answering any inquiries about their services as well as resolving account-related issues that may arise. They’ll even give a step-by-step guide on how to use their software effectively for maximum profits!

Rebel Betting stands out from other matched betting services by offering an easy and user-friendly interface that’s intuitive for everyone to navigate, minimising time waste and optimizing profits. Furthermore, you can customise alerts according to your own personal needs – choose from various alert tones and choose bookies or sports from which notifications should be received.

Rebel betting’s great strength lies in its wide variety of arbs for various sports and markets, which includes full odds, decimal prices, cross-market arbs and filterable lists to quickly find what you are searching for.

Rebel betting offers great value and should be added to your arsenal of tools for making money online. However, its results cannot be guaranteed and require discipline and commitment over a lengthy period of time – also it isn’t suitable for everyone as its suitability depends upon their skill level.

My Experience So Far

I started with the free trial version for a week or so and then paid for the Starter Version to see how it performed. I started off okay, but to be honest, I hit a bad dip which you can see in the picture below:

rebelbetting report

It looks like I am in recovery mode now and it’s early days to be honest. I can update this page after a few months to let you know how it is progressing.

I am totally convinced it will work in the long run and you should have a look at this video to see what can be achieved:

I am very keen to move to the Pro version once I establish good profit, as there is so much more score with the Rebelbetting Pro.

Keep checking back for updates, but I think this could well be a consistent way of making money each month, particularly for thise who have already done the matched betting and are looking for something new to turn to.


So, just a couple of days after publishing this post I have now returned into profit!

value betting

I have still a bit to go to get to my Closing Line Value (CLV), but I know I will get there. Now I am seriously thinking of upgrading to the Pro version. It is quite expensive per month, but if it does what they say, then I should be well into profit.

I should let you know that I was at a loss position after the first month of paying for the Starter Version. I contacted support and they had no hesitation in standing by their pledge of giving free months access until you profit. I have proved that they stand by that promise!

Update 2

So, I upgraded to the Pro version and have been using it for nearly a month and these are the up to date stats:

Looks good doesn’t it?

I had a few more wobbles when I started to go “south” but the constant message is “keep going” which I did.

In summary? It works and is giving me a good return.

There are a number of other tweeks and add on options too, so again, I will update this page.

Why not give it a go for free here:

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