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Does Matched Betting Work?

Does Matched Betting Work? YES!

That is the simple straightforward answer to the question.

If I now ask the question, does betting work? It is a different answer.

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Sometimes betting works and sometimes it doesn’t work. In actual fact, the odds are stacked against you when you use pure betting, so you are going to lose more than you win.

How Does Matched Betting Work?

With matched betting done properly, you are going to win every time.

Sounds good?

However, you must learn the skill of matched betting and you then must only use those skills strictly each time.


The problem arises when people deviate from the proven system and start using their own ideas, which very rarely works.

If you look at Matched Betting Explained or the Matched Betting Guide articles, you will find out more of the practical side of getting started.

To give you an overview of how matched betting works, I will give you the main elements.

There is BACK betting and LAY betting. You really must understand the difference between these two and how they can work to your advantage. The Matched Betting page will give you help with this.

With matched betting, you are taking advantage of all the free bets that betting companies offer you. These could be free bets for signing up as a new customer or what are called Reload Offers to existing customers.

With there being so many bookies and so many offers, you will never run out of opportunities to leverage the system.

What If My Free Bet Loses?

It takes a little while for the penny to drop with newbies, but once it does, the smile on their face is huge!

I get questions like, what if my bet loses and worse still, what if my free bet loses as well? Does that mean I have lost money matched betting?

These are good questions and need to be asked and answered.

Let’s take an example as that normally makes it clearer.

Matched Betting Example

So, let’s say William Hill are offering you a £20 free bet if you stake £10 first.

This is known as “Back A, Get B”. Place a back bet of £10 and get a free bet of £20.

Let’s say you didn’t use matched betting with this offer. You could win on the £10 bet and you could also win on the £20 free bet. It is also true that you could lose both bets and be £10 worse off!

We will now remove ALL risk and use matched betting instead.

First place a £10 BACK bet at odds of 2.0 on Team A to win. Easy enough. Then we place a LAY bet of £10 at odds of 2.0 if it loses.

This is a simplified version of it, so as you can grasp the principle.

If Team A wins or loses it does not matter. You will have lost nothing. If Team A wins, you get £10 profit and your £10 original stake back, BUT you have a LAY bet of £10 to deduct from your winnings.

So, you are not out of pocket, but you now have qualified for the £20 free bet.

You just do the same thing again, but this time you are betting with free money. BACK and LAY again just like the first step and whether the team win or lose, you have made £20!

You might need to read over this again a few times to get it clear in your mind.

Does matched betting work? Sufficient to say, yes, matched betting definitely works every time!

Have a look through the other helpful articles on this website to find out more and get started on your journey today. There is also the Oddsmonkey website for more help too.

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